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Specialized labor and Business Consultancy

Hesselbach Company has been operating for 25 years in national and international territory. Attending multinational companies of medium and large proportion, with contracts that perpetuate for more than 20 years. We believe being on the right way leading to growth. With confidence, commitment and a lot of work. These are the characteristics that guide our day-to-day.

Ricardo Hesselbach

We take care of your company


Assertiveness in solutions. Punctual services with beginning middle and end.


Business Process Outsourcing

The digital transformation at processes that your organization is looking for.


Labor Cession


Highly qualified professionals, ready for your operation.


Maximize results minimizing risks and expenses.


United we sum efforts

Our team

We encourage our employees to constant training and the culture to commitment with custom satisfaction, ensuring the continuous enhancement of the quality management system.

Our clients

Danilo Zanin

Vencorex - Director Marketing & Sales – LATAM

Vencorex group, formed by Joint Venture between Perstop and PTT Global Chemical, has Latin America as a development and opportunity point for business aligned to global strategy. We are a multicultural and dynamical company living in an highly competitive market. Hesselbach Company, understanding our challenges and dynamics, has been contributing a lot with professional management efficiency, either through its qualified professionals or even through specific performance indicators. With an efficient communication and a management looking toward demand, it has become a global reference when we talk about outsourcing.


Alexandre Pastro

Market Development – Krisoll Resinas

Krisoll requested Hesselbach support for a controllership structure diagnosis and results analysis in orthecontrollership structure diagnosis and results analysis for decision making, for decision making, for decision making,  for decision making, what has enabled guidance in the changes of management. Professionalism and adaptation to Krisoll necessities by Hesselbach was by really important, besides agility in responses, commitment and specialized technical knowledge in every part of the process. The company demonstrates a high level of understanding and principally of adaptation to its clients reality, this is a big differential of Hesselbach. I would like to thank all Hesselbach team for the professionalism demonstrated.


Excellence in quality

ISO 9001

In 2019, Hesselbach Company acquired ISO 9001 certification to all sectors of the company, something considered practically impossible for a company focused on qualified services provision. A mark for the sector. Usually, a company request this kind of qualification for a specific area, not for all areas of expertise. But Hesselbach managed to achieve it. Today, all areas of the company have this certification.


Our objective


Our objective is to transform experience and knowledge acquired over the last 25 years into consulting solutions and supply of specialized labor for medium and large companies. We are ready to support our clients in the concretization of their objectives and in the evolution of their business goals. With our expertise we are capable to offer quality solutions that contribute to functional development and the increase of the productivity and competitiveness of our customers.


São Paulo - Head Office

Av. Itacira, 2832 - Planalto Paulista

São Paulo - SP

Telefone: (11) 5583-1616

Alphaville Barueri - SP

Al. Itapecuru, 506 - Alphaville Industrial

Salvador - BA
R. Dr. José Peroba 275 - s 203 / Stiep

Salvador - BA

Ciudad de México - MX

R. Lerma, 217 - Piso 2 - Cuauhtémoc

Ciudad de México

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